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Buster Keaton is universally recognized as one of the all-time greatest motion picture comedians. Today, over 75 years after his last silent film was made, those contributions still reign supreme as masterworks from the golden era of slapstick comedy.

Now, Laughsmith Entertainment presents another facet of The Great Stone Face, providing fans with an opportunity to rediscover many of Keaton's rarely seen gems from the silent and sound eras! Through newly restored and remastered shorts, features, forgotten industrial films, promotional films, commercials, live television appearances and outtakes, Industrial Strength Keaton reveals the continuing artistry of Hollywood's greatest laugh maker, paying homage to a career spanning nearly every form of recorded visual media from 1917 until his final work in 1965.

Whether you you enjoy silent film, classic comedy, early television, or simply revel in the pleasure of screening rare Keaton material that has been unavailable for decades, you will find something to enjoy in this tribute to one of filmdom's most celebrated comic geniuses.

Digitally remastered from original archival materials or the sole surviving elements.

Compiled and Directed by PAUL E. GIERUCKI with BRUCE LAWTON

Executive Producers: WILLIAM HUNT and ANDRE BLAY
Rsearch consultants: ROBERT ARKUS and STEVE MASSA
Package design: JOHN ARETAKIS
Booklet design: DAVID B. PEARSON



The Playhouse (1921) B&W / Silent

  • Audio commentary track Digitally remastered and restored version of one of Keaton's greatest shorts. New score from The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra.

Character Studies (Mid-1920s) B&W

  • Audio commentary track Recently discovered short with famed magician Carter DeHaven and featuring cameos by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Jackie Coogan, Douglas Fairbanks, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Rudolph Valentino.

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931) B&W / sound feature

  • Audio commentary track
  • Keaton's Italian villa still gallery Digitally remastered and restored feature. Definitive version.


Seein' Stars (1922) B&W / sound

The Voice of Hollywood #10 (1929) B&W / sound

Hollywood on Parade #A-6 (1933) B&W / sound

An Old Spanish Custom (1935) B&W / sound

  • Audio commentary track
  • Original press book


The Butcher Boy / Can of Molasses Sketch

  • The Butcher Boy (1917) B&W / Silent clip w/ Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
  • The Ed Wynn Show (1949) B&W / Sound w/ Ed Wynn
  • You Asked For It (1957) B&W / Sound w/ Eddie Gribbon
  • Unknown TV appearance (1950s) B&W / Sound w/ Billy Gilbert

"The Martha Raye Show" (1956)

  • The Concert B&W / Sound
    Buster Keaton and Martha Raye recreate a sketch originally used in the classic Charlie Chaplin feature Limelight.

Circus Time (1956)


Alka Seltzer (1958) [5 spots]

Northwest Orient Airlines (1958)

Simon Pure Beer (1958) [6 spots]

Shamrock Oil / Outtakes (1959)

  • Audio commentary track
  • Director's interview track

Milky Way (1961)

Pure Oil (1965)

Country Club Malt Liquor (1958) [3 spots]

Ford Econoline (1963)

Jeep - Lessons in Living (1960)

  • Only surviving complete Jeep commercial
  • Recently discovered fragments from previously undocumented Jeep commercials.

Pure Oil (1965)


The Devil To Pay (1960) B&W / sound short

  • Promotional booklet

The Homeowner (1961) - Color / sound short

  • Audio commentary track Recently discovered, previously undocumented Keaton industrial film.

The Triumph of Lester Snapwell (1963) Color short


1 Parlor, 5 Bedrooms and 6 Baths - A new mini-documentary from filmmaker Jack Dragga.

Commentary tracks from comedy historians Andy Coryell, Paul Gierucki, Bruce Lawton, Steve Massa and Richard M. Roberts.

Still galleries featuring previously unseen Keaton images, original press books, trade advertisements and more.

New music scores from composer Ben Model.

20 page full color booklet with detailed descriptions of each film, archival photos and essays from authors / historians Ken Gordon, Steve Massa, David B. Pearson, Patricia Eliot Tobias and more!

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