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Love has never been funnier or more difficult to manage than in the immortal Keaton comedies brought together on this DVD.

Opening with a newly-restored Technicolor sequence, SEVEN CHANCES is a film often imitated but never rivaled for hilarity and visual virtuosity. Keaton stars as Jimmie Shannon, a romantically jinxed young man who must marry by 7:00 PM to inherit seven million dollars. While fate seems to thwart his efforts to woo the object of his true affection (Ruth Dwyer), public announcement of his strange predicament provides him with a throng of would-be brides who are aggressive in thier pursuit of a husband, to say the least. In one of the most rousing, brilliantly choreographed sequences in Keaton's career, Shannon flees the horde of women while dodging the hostile forces of nature that seem to be conspiring against him (in the form of a colossal rockslide) during his manic dash to the altar.

Comedic courtship is further pursued in NEIGHBORS (Dir. Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline. U.S. 1920. B&W. 18 mins. Music arranged by Robert Israel.), a short film in which Buster tries to woo his tenement sweetheart in spite of the barriers that stand between them.

In THE BALLOONATIC (Dir. Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline. U.S. 1923. B&W. 22 mins. Musical setting by John Muri.), Buster is carried by hot air from a cityside amusement park to the rustic country where -- in a series of delightfully inventive vignettes -- he ineptly struggles for survival and again somehow manages to stumble into romance.

--synopsis and DVD image courtesy of KINO. For more great films on DVD, visit the KINO website. U.S. region DVD

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