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Lost Keaton on Blu-Ray 22

Lost Keaton on Blu-Ray

LOST KEATON Sixteen Comedy Shorts (1934-37) A TWO-DVD SET For Buster Keaton, the era of the talkies was a tumultuous time. After signing with MGM,...


Sunset Boulevard DVD 12

Sunset Boulevard DVD

Although Buster has just a small part, this magnificent film is well worth adding to your collection. Directed by Billy Wilder and starring Gloria...


TCM Buster Keaton Collection 1

TCM Buster Keaton Collection

Considered by many to be the greatest of cinema's silent clowns, Buster Keaton was a consummate practitioner of physical comedy. Although labeled the...


The Cook and Other Treasures 10

The Cook and Other Treasures

"The Cook and Other Treasures" starring Buster and Roscoe Arbuckle. This short was considered lost until 1998; additional footage was discovered and...


The Twilight Zone Volume 10 DVD 2

The Twilight Zone Volume 10 DVD

Buster does a marvelous job playing a disgruntled janitor who learns his lesson in this part-silent part-talkie episode of The Twilight Zone....


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