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"Bluffton" by Matt Phelan 24

"Bluffton" by Matt Phelan

In the summer of 1908, in Muskegon, Michigan, a visiting troupe of vaudeville performers is about the most exciting thing since baseball. They’re...

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"The Movies Are" 10

"The Movies Are"

Carl Sandburg's Film Reviews and Essays, 1920-1928 Over the course of his long and distinguished career Carl Sandburg earned two Pulitzer prizes,...
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Actor's Colony At Bluffton 3

Actor's Colony At Bluffton

Muskegon, Michigan Actor's Colony At Bluffton; Buster Keaton and the Muskegon Connection by Marc Okkonen and Ron Pesch, Actor's Colony Historian....


Arbuckle and Keaton Their 14 Film Collaborations 3

Arbuckle and Keaton Their 14 Film Collaborations

Arbuckle and Keaton Their 14 Film Collaborations by James L. Neibaur ISBN 0-7864-2831-7 photographs, bibliography, index 219pp. softcover 2007...


Best of the Keaton Chronicle, Volume 1 374

Best of the Keaton Chronicle, Volume 1

Celebrating 20 years of The Damfinos and our quarterly publication, Volume 1 of The Best of The Keaton Chronicle is a must have! This 48-page...

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Buster Keaton's Crew 11

Buster Keaton's Crew

Buster Keaton's Crew The Team Behind His Silent Films written by Lisle Foote. This is a book about the crew behind the scenes. The camera and...


Buster Keaton's Italian Villa 31

Buster Keaton's Italian Villa

"Buster Keaton's Italian Villa - Then and Now" is our collection of anecdotes, articles, and historical information about Buster's 1926 Beverly Hills...


Buster Keaton: Interviews 8

Buster Keaton: Interviews

"A film comedy is assembled with the same precision as the inner working of a watch." -- Buster Keaton With his trademark porkpie hat, floppy...


Like Any Other Monday 21

Like Any Other Monday

This is a delightful novel written by Binnie Brennan. She was inspired by Buster Keaton's life story and models her main character after a young...

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Silent Echoes 10

Silent Echoes

John Bengtson has created a unique visual history of early Hollywood and other vintage locations as depicted in Buster Keaton's classic movies....


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"The Movies Are"
"The Movies Are"
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